About TPN cellular automata

This website is about all of the cellular automata that I have invented.

TPN19 is a cellular automaton based on JvN29. It is designed to be able to construct anything, and can also be used to store and compute data.

TPN8 is a form of replicator. However, it can only replicate if it has material. Green material allows replication and red material destroys replicator cells. Materials - and replicators - can also send out spaceships. TPN8 was inspired by the Replicators on Stargate: SG1.

TPN15 is based on a variant of WireWorld called WWEJ3. Like WireWorld, it has universal computation abilities, but it can also construct, like WWEJ3. An improvement on WWEJ3 is that WWEJ3 has 18 states, but TPN15 only has 15.

B12345678/S0 is a life - like cellular automaton. The cool part is that any finite starting pattern on an infinite grid will create ripples that move outwatds from the pattern. Go ahead - try it. See if you can prove it wrong. If you do, add a comment telling me what your starting pattern is.

If somebody can please put these into a form that can be used on Golly, I would be ever so grateful.